Telia Mobile streamlines operations in Finland

Telia Mobile is streamlining its Finnish operations to create increased efficiency and profitability in the Nordic market. Personnel negotiations will be conducted with approximately 85 employees at Telia Mobile Finland aimed at improving profitability in the Finnish operations.
In accordance with Telia Mobile's previously announced Nordic strategy and Nordic organisation, personnel negotiations are now being initiated with about 85 employees within the Finnish operations.
"We will now continue with the ongoing efforts to secure synergies in our common Nordic organisation. This is a natural step in accordance with our Nordic strategy and now, we will implement the change in the best way in cooperation with the personnel department and the personnel in Finland," says Kenneth Karlberg, President, Telia Mobile AB.
Telia Mobile Finland currently has approximately 670 employees. Telia Mobile has about 3,000 employees in the Nordic region.
Erik Hallberg, Acting Head, Telia Mobile Finland, +46-70-658 16 16
Carina Axelsson, Head of Communication & Brand Management,
Telia Mobile AB, +46-70-676 84 84
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