Telia puts new conference services on a growing market

The market for conference services has shown an explosive growth in the last few years, and is now worth nearly a billion, in Sweden only. And now Telia brings out two new ways of meeting on the net.
- It is mainly the recession that has now made companies earnestly revise their costs, says Katarina Lundell, Telia Communications. The new trend is that telephone, computer and video conferences are increasingly intermixed. You shold be able to talk on the phone while updating common documents directly on the web. Or add equipment to your PC at prices ten times lower than traditional video equipment.
Conference services are more commonly used by big corporations, with many local offices throughout Sweden, abroad or in major cities like Stockholm and Göteborg.
Telia, already market leader in conference services, now offers two new services:
Telia TeleMeeting Web - where participants hook up to a telemeeting and at the same time log on to the web to see presentations or just work on the same document. The service starts on the Internet where the meeting is booked. Participants are summoned by e-mail and get a notice with meeting hours, code and web address.
Telia VisCom - where participants hook up to a video meeting, whether they use a PC, video conference equipment or just the ordinary phone. All those seeing the picture can work on the same document in the meeting. The first of its kind in Europe, the service integrates IP and ISDN, which makes it an open and fully compatible service. This way you need not buy any new equipment, you can very well use the one you have already got.
Katarina Lundell, Telia Communications, phone: +46 8 707 65 28
Erik Olsson, Telia Communications, phone: +46 8 707 68 31
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