Telia survey: Increased use of Internet banking services

Telia's study of the new Internet habits of Swedish households with broadband access indicates that the use of Web-based banking services has increased in pace with the growing number of broadband connections. Slightly more than 35 percent of the people in the survey stated that they have done more of their banking business online since the installation of broadband in their homes.
Telia commissioned Gallup to conduct the poll in order to investigate how households are changing their computer habits after the installation of broadband service. Some of the people surveyed in the poll had not had access to the Internet before, but most of them were able to connect to the Internet with a dial-up modem before they installed broadband. Slightly more than 35 percent of the households stated that they have done more of their banking business online since the installation of broadband in their homes.
"The fact that online banking services are being used to a greater extent is a clear example of how technology is making everyday life easier," says Indra Åsander, head of the Telia Internet Services business area. "Today, people also know more about online security solutions used by banks, so a growing number of people feel confident about using the Internet even for their bank business."
Half of the surveyed households are not concerned with online data communications security. One third is slightly concerned, while one out of five is very concerned. The majority of the people who are worried about online security have installed some type of anti-virus software on their computers. Four out of ten have virus protection. One third uses firewalls and one out of ten turns the computer off when it is not being used.
"As the number of broadband connections grows, we will see the emergence of many more useful services that will make daily life easier," says Christer Urde, head of Telia's online security services. "The next big step is the development of 'the 24-hour authority'. For example, more than three million Swedes can file a simplified tax form on the Web already this year using a personal security code."
Two out of three households have increased their connection time to the Internet by more than two hours a day after the installation of their broadband connection. Almost three out of ten households are connected to the Internet six more hours a day, compared with before.
Note: For the survey, 600 Telia broadband customers (Telia ADSL and com hem internet cable) were randomly selected and polled during the period November 11, 2001 to November 18, 2001 (margin of error +/- 4 %).
Ingela Jacobson, Press Manager, Telia Internet Services,
phone +46 70 220 44 55
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