Telia tests "patient surfing" at a hospital

Together with Västra Götalandsregionen Telia has initiated a "patient surfing" test project at a hospital in the region. The principle is the same as for patient telephony - the patient hires a computer with a broadband connection during his stay at the hospital.
The project will be carried out at the Kärnsjukhuset hospital in Skövde and will run until the end of the year.
- Kärnsjukhuset was one of the first hospitals in Sweden that showed an interest in trying out the idea, which marks the next stage on from patient telephony, says Christer Karlsson, Project Manager at Telia Partner.
Telia has already set up three terminals in two rehabilitation departments and will be wiring up another four shortly. In the test project the users are given an open solution: access to a PC with Office programs, a web browser and a choice of games and other software. The server client will be set up to exercise a certain control over access to websites.
- The computer has been specially adapted for the purpose, and a special trolley/computer table has been produced. It is designed in a way that enables patients to use the computer in their bed without having to get up, Christer Karlsson explains.
Telia is investing SEK 200,000 in the project. After completion the test, Telia will decide whether to launch the service on a mass scale for patients in Swedish hospitals.
It is still too early to say what a commercial service would cost for patients. During the test project the patients paid SEK 25 per new 24-hour period for computer hire and the Internet connection. The payment procedure will be the same as for patient telephony, i.e. through the patients ordinary phone bill or by separate invoice after the end of their stay at the hospital.
Christer Karlsson, Project Manager Telia Partner, +46 70 666 41 93
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