Capacity demand increases - Telia sells infrastructure to Telewest Communications

Telia International Carrier has today announced the sale of 48 fibres to Telewest Communications, the broadband communications and media group. The infrastructure is on the eastern UK leg of Telia IC's Viking network, which was recently developed through the acquisition of the assets of 360 Networks in February.
The deal is the first major sale on the newly acquired network and demonstrates how quickly Telia IC is beginning to see a return on its investment, initially through fibre sales. Telewest will utilise the fibre to extend its broadband network capabilities in the UK.
- Telia International Carrier recognises dark fibre is still an active market, says Erik Heilborn, President of Telia IC. For companies looking to build particular types of customer solution, or to develop a network in terms of expansion or increasing redundancy, buying fibre is far more cost-effective than digging up roads and laying down new infrastructure in the ground.
- This fibre is helping us to further increase Telewest's delivery of broadband services across the U.K, says Matthew O´Connor, Director Telewest's Carrier Services division: The speed of deployment was impressive and the service provided by Telia over the course of our relationship has been excellent.
Further enhancing the Telia Network is the acquisition from Telewest of three pairs of fibre between Leicester and Birmingham, completing a figure of eight topography across the UK.
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About Telia International Carrier
Telia's wholly owned subsidiary, Telia International Carrier, provides IP, Capacity, Voice, Infrastructure services and carrier neutral colocation solutions. Today, the company is one of the leading European carriers of transatlantic IP traffic to the USA. Its wholly owned multi-fibre optic network - the Viking Network - provides high capacity bandwidth and offers end-to-end connectivity round the world. The network is a investment-intensive venture expanding Telia International Carrier throughout Scandinavia, Europe and the USA. The infrastructure in Europe is designed as a multi-duct network connecting all significant cities with communication, supporting IP, Voice and Data. The network covers approximately 40,000 route kilometres throughout Europe and the USA, connecting 50 major cities through 120 points of presence.
Mark Vadasz, PR Director,Telia International Carrier, Phone: +46 8 713 58 30
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