attracts record viewing audience with homemovies

Fun and entertaining amateur home movies have been a successful program concept for years on television. Now the trend has spread to the Internet. When Telia started to offer home movies at its site, they were watched more than 100,000 times in the first 24 hours alone, which was probably a record viewing audience, judging by Swedish standards. According to Telia, streaming has definitely become a broadband service capable of attracting a mass Swedish public.
As more and more Swedes gain access to broadband, interest has been growing for viewing movies, concerts, sports events and other moving pictures directly on computer screens in the form of so-called streaming services. Telia has offered moving media on its site for a long time (previously on the front page of its site), but users have not become genuinely interested in the service until recently.
"Now we're seeing that virtually all types of moving media are increasingly sharply. At the moment, we're setting records with home movie viewings, but other material is also becoming more and more popular. We are sending live webcasts of six out of seven matches from each round of the "Allsvenskan" domestic soccer league as a pay-per-view service, which subscribers are also very much interested in," says Pia Svirsky, entertainment manager at
The latest formula for success is based on the television hit program in which viewers are offered to send in their own home movies. If they are sufficiently entertaining, they are shown on the site. Telia's streaming solution for the Internet offers an advantage, in that many more films can be "broadcast", compared to what a television program can manage in its format. At, as many as 100 home movies can be streamed in four different categories: children, animals, festive occasions and mixed.
The current selection of movies comes from a large archive of around 2,000 home videos that have been received from Swedish television viewers. In the next stage, Telia plans to give visitors the opportunity to put their own best home movies on the site.
"This is the first time we are publishing movie material for streaming on a large scale on the Web and we are naturally extremely pleased that this initiative has been a success. You don't set Swedish viewing records every day!" says Cem Yeter at MTV Produktion, the company responsible for converting the videos to the streaming format.
Charlotte Löfgren, Press and PR Manager, Telia e-bolaget, +46 70 562 00 74
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