Telia expands the Viking Network in Poland

Telia International Carrier has once again expanded the infrastructure of the global Viking Network. A brand new IP Core Node is now in place in Warsaw bringing Poland closer to the Internet. Through DWDM-technology the Core Node has greatly increased the network capacity provided to Polish telecom operators.
The new IP Core Node is located in Warsaw and routes traffic to and from the Czech Republic and Germany. Through the DWDM technology Telia International Carrier now offers Polish customers a capacity of 2,5Gbit/s. The IP-traffic on the route has continuously increased and Telia International Carrier is very pleased with the development.
- We want to keep offering our important markets in East Europe the highest quality possible, says Erik Heilborn, President of Telia International Carrier. The new IP Core Node has strengthened our position on the Polish market.
Telia International Carrier has established a very good position on the Polish market but continuously develops its reliable infrastructure to better serve Polish telecommunication and Internet operators.
- Due to further data transmission security we can now offer the most suitable Service Level Agreements in Poland, says Erik Heilborn.
In 2001 Telia connected Warsaw and Frankfurt via the first international DWDM network, and in March 2002 a similar connection was established between Warsaw and Prague. The increased capacity of the network combined with the upgraded data transmission security is a step in Telia International Carrier's strategic engagement in further developing the global Viking Network in Central and East Europe.
About Telia International Carrier
Telia's wholly owned subsidiary, Telia International Carrier, provides IP, Capacity, Voice, Infrastructure services and carrier neutral colocation solutions. Today, the company is the leading European carrier of transatlantic IP traffic to the USA.
Its wholly owned multi-fibre optic network - the Viking Network - provides high capacity bandwidth and offers end-to-end connectivity round the world. The network is a giant investment-intensive venture designed to expand Telia International Carrier to cover Scandinavia, Europe and the USA by 2001. The infrastructure in Europe is designed as a multi-duct network connecting all significant cities with
communication, supporting IP, Voice and Data. By the end of 2001, the network will cover 40,000 route kilometres throughout Europe and the USA, connecting 50 major cities.
Michal Szustak, Communication Director, Market Area East,
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