Telia poll reveals that one in four households have a computer in the living room

Telia has performed a Gallup poll to find out how computers are used in Swedish households with broadband connections. The poll shows that computers now have a new place in the home: 24% of respondents have a computer in their living room. Other locations are the hall, kitchen, bedroom and study. Half of the households who responded to the poll had a computer at home and nearly 30% had two computers.
The poll was carried out to find out how internet users' habits change when they acquire broadband. Almost a quarter (24%) of respondents have their computer in the living room, 34% have it in the bedroom, 4% in the hall and 3% in the kitchen. However, the most common location for a computer (40%) is still in the study.
"Broadband connections encourage people to change the location of the computer in the home. Previously it was the study, now the computer is being placed in a more relaxed environment such as the living room, kitchen and hall", says Indra Åsander, Head of Telia Internet Services.
To the question "How many computers do you have at home"? half (51%) of the households said they had one. It should be noted that around 22% of those polled live alone. Nearly three in ten (28%) have two computers at home and just over one in ten (13%) have three computers.
"This shows that computers are increasingly being used by more people in the household and maybe even for joint activities, since many of those polled have invested in more than one computer, concludes Indra Åsander.
The poll was carried out among 600 randomly chosen customers of Telia?s broadband service (Telia ADSL and com hem internet cable) between 11 and 18 November 2001 (margin of error +/- 4%).
Ola Kallemur, Head of PR, Telia Internet Services, tel: +46 70 600 12 59
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