Telia provides Vattenfall with mobile network capacity

Telia Mobile has entered an agreement with Vattenfall, Sweden's largest power company, covering the provision of mobile network capacity. The agreement is part of the framework for Telia Mobile's third party business with sales of traffic, content and services to other companies in the Nordic region. Third party agreements with independent service providers are a growing market and an important part of free competition in the Nordic mobile market.
"Third party agreements with independent service providers, content providers and system integrators represent an important growth market within the framework of Telia Mobile's strategy for the Nordic region", says Kenneth Karlberg, President of Telia Mobile AB. "Our company has supported free competition in the mobile market for years and we have a number of agreements today with different companies for the development and supply of mobile services".
The leasing of capacity in Telia's mobile network allows corporate customers to develop their own range of mobile services, among other advantages.
"The agreement is important for Vattenfall since it enable us to fulfill our 'multi-product' strategy for consumers of Vattenfall's services", says Jan-Åke Karlsson, head of Vattenfall's Swedish sales company, Vattenfall Försäljning Sverige. "Today, Vattenfall has more than 600,000 electricity customers and around 100,000 have selected Vattenfall as a provider of fixed telephony service. Our relations will customers will now be further strengthened with our new capability to offer mobile telephone service", continues Jan-Åke Karlsson. We will start to launch mobile phone services for Vattenfall's electricity customers after the summer. We're hoping that a substantial portion of our electricity customers who are receiving fixed telephony service through Vattenfall today will also choose Vattenfall as their provider of mobile telephony service".
Telia Mobile's B2B activities have been conducted on a collective Nordic basis since April 1 and involve sales of traffic, services and content to other companies. Today, Telia Mobile has agreements with a total of 14 service providers, including Vattenfall. Telia Mobile also has agreements with a large number of content providers. Erik Hallberg is head of B2B, Telia Mobile's third party operations.
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