Telia survey indicates sharp increase in telecommuting

Slightly more than half of all people with the opportunity to telecommute - to work online from home - say that they utilize this possibility a lot, or slightly more than before, now that they have broadband access. This is one of the findings of a poll that Gallup conducted for Telia to investigate how households are changing their computer habits after the installation of broadband service.
Some of the people surveyed in the poll had not had access to the Internet before, but most of them were able to connect to the Internet with a dial-up modem before they installed broadband. A greater possibility to work from home is one of the advantages of broadband that these households are also using considerably.
Among those who have been working "to a large extent" from home, a clear majority - 55 percent of the people surveyed - stated that they are telecommuting slightly more than before, or a lot more than before, since they gained access to broadband at home. This is how the figures look for this group:
· Almost four out of ten of the people in the surveyed group, or 38 percent, work a lot more at home than before.
· In the same group, a little less than five, or 17 percent, work home slightly more than before.
"This indicates that broadband is changing the everyday habits of people in a very specific way, and in the long term, will even change the habits of society in a positive way. Most people would certainly welcome the opportunity to work effectively at home, even if a scant majority of our customers stated that they cannot manage all of their work from their home office," says Indra Åsander, head of the Telia Internet Services business area.
Among those who have the chance to work "to some extent" from home, many of them do it much more often now that they have broadband:
· Just fewer than five of these people, or 17 percent, work at home much more than before.
· One out of four, or 26 percent, state that they work slightly more at home than before.
Note: For the survey, 600 Telia broadband customers (Telia ADSL and com hem internet cable) were randomly selected and polled during the period November 11, 2001 to November 18, 2001.
Charlotte Löfgren, Press & Public, Telia Internet Services, 070-562 00 74
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