Telia introduces new mobile switch solution

Telia is broadening its product portfolio of mobile office solutions in Sweden with a new, and completely mobile, switching system called Mobile Switcher. No switch has to be physically installed at the workplace because the actual switching function is in the network. The first customers will start using Mobile Switcher during the summer.
The service is designed for small and medium-sized businesses with employees who are constantly on the move, such as service personnel, sales people and delivery and messenger companies. The Mobile Switcher service is not restricted to a specific geographic location and requires no maintenance or associated costs. Other advantages are increased flexibility since employees can be reached anywhere.
"A switch solution based on mobility requires a network with the best possible coverage and quality. I believe our offering will be competitive because we have the network and because there is a growing interest in completely mobile workplaces", says Mats Salomonsson, Acting Head of Telia Mobile Sweden.
In terms of equipment, companies only need mobile phones for their employees and an ordinary PC on which the operator software is installed. The first Swedish companies to use Mobile Switcher include the Cyber Com consulting company, with offices in Sundsvall and Umeå, the architectural firm TemaPlan AB in Stockholm, and MIX, a commercial radio station and user of the solution in the north of Sweden.
Since all communications services go via the mobile network, the operator can also work in a mobile way. The Mobile Switcher offering includes operator support in the form of software installed on an ordinary PC, although the operator can also leave the computer and connect calls with a mobile phone.
Yvonne Hansen, PR & Communications, Telia Mobile Sweden, +46 8 713 58 30
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