Telia records sharp increase in customer growth in Denmark

Telia Mobile increased its mobile customer base sharply in Denmark by more than 400,000 up to the beginning of June. The number of customers has thereby grown by approximately 40 percent since the beginning of the year. The sharp increase was due to a number of successful sales campaigns that were conducted in the spring to promote new and attractive types of subscriptions.
The number of mobile customers has increased by more than 112,000 since year-end 2001. A significant percentage of this growth was due to a number of initiatives, such as Telia Mobile Denmark´s successful spring campaigns to promote Telia Choice, a new and popular type of subscription for private customers. The corporate customers segment has also increased during the period.
"We´re pleased to be able to show such a sharp increase in customer growth and we are confident that business will continue to develop positively in Denmark," commented Kenneth Karlberg, head of the Telia Mobile business area and president of Telia Mobile AB (Sweden).
The GSM 900 network is being expanded in Denmark and will be completely rolled out before the end of this year, in accordance with the terms of the license. With the new network, Telia will be able to offer additional competitive mobile services in Denmark on a nationwide basis.
Charlotte Züger, Press Manager, Telia Mobile AB, +46-(0)8-713 58 30
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