Telia secures traffic for KPN´s clients in Scandinavia

After a rapid turn of events, it today became clear that Telia International Carrier steps in to secure connectivity for several of KPN´s clients in Scandinavia. The deal concerns securing data and voice traffic for several multinational corporates throughout the region. KPN turned to Telia IC only last week with a request that was met by speedy action and the deal was finalised and capacity was delivered within two days.
- We are pleased to help KPN in this critical situation, says Erik Heilborn, President Telia IC. The market is entering a truly crucial phase, and it is clear that Telia IC stands strong and provides the necessary quality.
KPN´s clients in the Scandinavian region are mostly large multinationals - banks, consultancy firms - all with extensive data traffic over the Atlantic and telephony traffic in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The jeopardised traffic is now home safe.
- The fact that KPN turned to Telia IC is important for us, continues Erik Heilborn. I am pleased that we were able to respond so quickly and that the client´s connectivity never failed.
Facts: The data and telephony traffic in Scandinavia concerns several STM-1 which carry data and voice traffic across the Atlantic and connects telephony in Scandinavia.
Magnus Nerell, Communication Director, Telia International Carrier
Phone: +46 8 713 33 41, Mobile: +46 70 557 90 70
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