Breakthrough deal for Telia in Europe

Telia International Carrier (Telia IC) has received an order for IP-transit that makes them a leading supplier of IP-transit to the university networks in Europe. The new order for IP-transit comes from DANTE on behalf of 18 European National Research and Education Networks. The deal, constituting one of Telia IC's largest IP-transit deals ever, is a multimillion euro and three year contract.
Starting in July Telia IC becomes one of the two suppliers providing IP-service for the National Research and Education Networks in 18 European countries including Germany (DFN), Switzwerland (Switch), Italy (Garr) and Italy (Red Iris). Since Telia IC already is the supplier of IP to the university networks Sunet, NordUnet and Belnet, this latest order makes Telia IC the largest supplier of IP-transit to the university networks in Europe. As of right now there are approximately 8 million students out in Europe surfing the Internet via the Viking Network.
- After the demise of KPNQwest we quickly had to find a replacement to maintain our strategy of dual suppliers for IP-service, says Dai Davies, General Manager of DANTE. Many of the research elite in Europe source their IP-transit through these contracts. Telia IC managed to quickly step in and with precision fill up a threatening gap. The choice to pick Telia IC as the supplier was made out of a combination of three factors: price, reliability and speed.
The deal concerns six IP-nodes in London, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Zürich, Madrid and Milan, and the speed ranges from 2,5 ggb to STM-4.
- Indirectly, via all of the university networks that we are a suppliers to, this actually means that Telia IC supplies 75 percent of Europe's university students with IP-transit, says Erik Heilborn, President, Telia International Carrier. We have taken a lead and are now the largest supplier to the university networks in Europe.
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