Finnvera plc and Sonera deepen their cooperation

Sonera will provide Finnvera plc with a renewed customer network that interconnects the communication and local area networks of Finnvera's offices. The new customer network offers advanced voice server, data communications, Internet and mobile connections to the whole company.
The new long-term agreement strengthens Sonera's and Finnvera's long partnership. The alteration work involved in the network project will be carried out during the spring. The renewed customer network will include the Sonera Datanet Prime data communication classification service, which meets the growing requirements that Finnvera's operations set for the prioritization of voice and data communications and for back-ups. The traffic classification will ensure sufficient capacity for Finnvera's crucial communications functions and new applications. In addition, network monitoring and management will be more efficient. The solution makes it possible to add new applications, increase capacity, and implement national real-time voice communications solutions in the same IP network, i.e. to provide VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions. The delivery also includes an ultra-modern top-rate service quality technology (MPLS), provided as Sonera DataNet Prime. In addition to 24-hour support, monitoring and management services, the solution also includes reporting and monitoring systems that are available to Finnvera's own IT personnel. "The best offer we received in the bidding competition was Sonera's. We have had long-term comprehensive cooperation with Sonera. Once completed, the ongoing extensive modifications of our system will set more requirements for the system's data transmission, capacity, speed and reliability. This will pose challenges for both of us during the term of the new agreement," says Aarno Järvinen, Finnvera plc's Director of Finance. Account Manager Pekka Vaskelainen is responsible for Finnvera plc's customer relationship at Sonera. "The agreement we conclude now represents an efficient basic solution that makes it easy to build future cooperation. The new customer network makes it possible to develop diversified fixed-line, Internet and mobile applications for new uses in both voice and data communications," he says. Finnvera plc is a specialized financing company owned by the Finnish State. It develops the domestic operations of Finnish companies and promotes export and the globalization of companies by providing specialized financing services.

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