National Land Survey and Sonera continue cooperation

Sonera provides a renewed customer network to the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS). The new network connects the local area networks (LANs) of the NLS's offices and offers telecommunications and Internet connections to the entire NLS.
The long-term agreement strengthens the long-standing partnership between Sonera and the NLS and expands the cooperation to include the management of NLS's business-critical applications, in addition to traditional telecommunications network management. The alteration work of the network project begins after the turn of the year in January 2003. The renewed customer network includes a telecommunications classification service that meets the NLS's growing needs for prioritization and security. Thanks to the traffic classification of the Sonera DataNet Prime service, sufficient capacity is reserved for critical NLS applications and more efficient operating security than previously is provided. The solution also allows the addition of applications and the increase of capacity, as well as nationwide, real-time voice traffic implementations over the same IP network, in other words VOIP implementations (Voice over Internet Protocol). "With the signing of this agreement we also celebrate the tenth anniversary of our customer relationship with Sonera - the cooperation has been long-ranging and comprehensive. Sonera has provided us with good support during the continuous development of our solutions. Two of our foremost services, Citizen's Mapsite and JAKO, were the driving forces also behind the present agreement. The JAKO information system is one of the biggest centralized data-warehouse-based GIS systems in the world. By means of Sonera's total delivery, the development of these services can be ensured in future too," says Mikko Lipponen, Director of the NLS's Computer Centre. "This agreement constitutes a basic solution on which it is easy to base our future cooperation. The new network offers opportunities to develop the services that we will offer, as it enables us to implement also fixed and mobile voice applications for the NLS on top of the network," adds Account Manager Jorma Manninen, responsible for the NLS's customer relationship with Sonera. The National Land Survey, operating under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, produces information and services concerning real estate, topography and the environment to meet the needs of individuals, businesses and society. In addition, the NLS is in charge of Finland's real estate registers, the national land information system as well as general mapping. Finnish households constitute the biggest customer group of the NLS.

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