Sonera's multimedia messaging service expands

Sonera's mobile phone customers can send and receive multimedia messages (MMS messages) also to Telia's Finnish mobile phone subscriptions.
From the beginning of February, multimedia messaging services cover approximately 99 % of Finnish mobile phone subscriptions, as the largest operators have made agreements on MMS interconnection. Sonera's mobile phone customers can send and receive messages containing images, text and sound to/from Sonera's, Radiolinja's, DNA's and Telia's mobile phone subscriptions. The expansion of the service does not affect Sonera's valid pricing of the multimedia messaging service. No separate connection charge is collected for the service, and the price of a multimedia message is EUR 0.59, which includes the GPRS data transmission. In Sonera's service, a multimedia message is received free of charge. To be able to send and receive multimedia messages, the user needs an MMS-enabled phone and Sonera's mobile subscription with an option for a GPRS service offered by Sonera. It is now easier to activate the multimedia messaging service. The settings and the coupling of GPRS can be ordered with a single text message: ASETUKSET NOKIA [mobile handset model] or ASETUKSET ERICSSON [mobile handset model] (e.g. ASETUKSET NOKIA 7650). The text message is sent to number 15400 free of charge. The service is activated after the settings have been saved in the phone. A multimedia message can also be sent directly to the recipent's e-mail address. Recipients without an MMS-enabled phone, MMS service or e-mail have also been taken into account in Sonera's service. Messages sent to their telephone numbers are saved on the Internet at, where they can be viewed. When abroad, a Sonera customer can send and receive multimedia messages in the networks of those operators with which Sonera has concluded a GPRS roaming agreement. At the moment there are 37 such operators in 25 countries.

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