TeliaSonera completes procurement plan for year's consulting

To cover its requirements of management and development of applications and infrastructure services, TeliaSonera has completed its procurement plan for the new year. Last year, around 70 different nominated IT/Telecom suppliers were contracted. For 2003, the objective was to sharply reduce the number of suppliers. The number that TeliaSonera will sign contracts with in 2003 has been limited to just over 20.
In addition to reducing the number of suppliers, other aims adopted for 2003 are to be able to limit the Group's purchasing to those selected and to cut down on the percentage of hourly-rate based resources purchased. Instead, TeliaSonera is concentrating on procurement of defined projects and studies at fixed prices. This restricts the exposure to risk and offers better control of costs. The suppliers selected are: Accando, Accenture, Cap, CyberCom, E-Work, Frontec, IBM, Infosys, IT-Arkitekterna, Ki Consulting, Know IT, Manpower-Elan, NBMS/AMS, SchlumbergerSema, Sigma, Syntronic, Teleca, Telia Promotor, TientoEnator, Validation, Wipro, WM-Data and ÖhrlingsPricewaterhouseCoopers. The agreements are effective as of the beginning of 2003 and run for a year, with a one-year option.

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