The Finnish Competition Authority accepted the deal on Telekolmio's shares

On 3.1.2003, the Finnish Competition Authority accepted the deal between Hämeen Puhelin Oy and Sonera Corporation in August 2002, according to which Sonera acquired a 40% minority holding in Telekolmio Oy from Hämeen Puhelin Oy, a company belonging to the HPO Group.
When accepting the company acquisition, the FCA imposed conditions on its implementation. The conditions include that Telekolmio must offer 15 base stations owned by it for sale to a competitor or competitors that are independent of Telekolmio, Sonera and HPO and that have sufficient financial resources. After the sale, Telekolmio will commit itself to hire the transmission links required by the base stations on reasonable, non-discriminatory and unbiased conditions. Sonera will commit itself to contribute to the implementation of Telekolmio's obligations as a minority shareholder. "Sonera is pleased with the FCA's decision to accept the deal on Telekolmio's shares. Telekolmio is now able to concentrate on its most important task, which is to serve its customers. The role of Sonera is to provide competitive services and products," says Jaakko Nevanlinna, Business Function Executive at Sonera. "We chose a strong national partner for Telekolmio, which enables us to offer the most advanced telecommunication services for our customers. It is important that the FCA arrived at a decision that is positive for us. The conditions set by the FCA are reasonable," says Reijo Syrjäläinen, Group Director at HPO Group. In addition to this deal, Hämeen Puhelin and Sonera have agreed on extensive business co-operation involving product development, mobile communications and broadband business, delivery of data network services, and marketing. In Sonera's view, the deal on Telekolmio's shares is a separate business transaction and not a prerequisite for business co-operation between Hämeen Puhelin and Sonera. Hämeen Puhelin and Sonera have appealed to the FCA to grant special permission for their co-operation in the field of purchases and ADSL. The FCA continues to examine the issue. Telekolmio Oy is a subsidiary of Hämeen Puhelin, offering services to corporate customers. Hämeen Puhelin acquired the company's entire share capital in a deal with ElisaCom Ltd last summer. After the deal with Sonera, Hämeen Puhelin Oy owns 60% of Telekolmio. Telekolmio operates in the Hämeenlinna, Lohja and Riihimäki regions. Hämeen Puhelin operates in Hämeenlinna, Hattula, Hauho, Janakkala, Renko, Kalvola, Lammi and Tuulos. The HPO Group consists of Hämeen Puhelin Oy, Telekolmio, the Hämeen Sanomat Group and Hämeen Tietotekniikkakeskus.

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