'Golden Mobile Award' to Telia for best mobile service in Sweden

The readers of the Swedish magazine "Mobil" have voted and selected "Telia Go" as the best mobile service in Sweden. The prize was handed over this week at Mobilgalan, an annual gala event for the Swedish mobile communications industry. For the third year in a row Telia was also given an award for having the best GSM network in Sweden, and for the second consecutive year, the company also received first prize for having the best GPRS network for the mobile Internet.
The "Golden Mobile Award" is given each year in several different categories to companies operating in the Swedish mobile industry. The winner of the Golden Mobile Award is chosen by the readers of "Mobil" magazine, who can e-vote on the Internet for the contest. The prize is handed over to the winner at the annual Mobilgalan event.
Telia Go - mobile service of the year
Telia received the Golden Mobile Award in the category "Mobile Service of the Year". The jury motivated its decision as follows: "New technology has often been criticised as being too difficult for users. With Telia Go and similar services, all settings are preset and ready to use on mobile handsets when they are purchased, enabling users to start accessing different Internet-based services quickly."
"I am convinced that useful services, which are easy to use, have a future. The fact that the users of Telia Go consider this service to be the best also shows that we are on the right track," says Marie Ehrling, head of TeliaSonera Sweden.
Best mobile network for third year in a row
Telia's GSM network in Sweden was named best mobile network for the third year in a row. Telia's GPRS network also won first prize for the second consecutive year. Mobil magazine's test of mobile networks was the largest that has been conducted in Sweden to date and was carried out in co-operation with a number of local newspapers. In the test, mobile phone users graded things like signal strength, voice quality and call reliability, such as the number of calls that could not be completed, and the number of dropped calls. The magazine also graded the transmission speed and capacity of GPRS services
About Telia Go
Telia Go currently functions on the following mobile phones: the Nokia 3650, Sony Ericsson P800 and Sony Ericsson T610. People in Sweden who already have one of these mobile handsets and a Telia subscription, or a Telia Refill prepaid card, can simply upgrade to Telia Go and at no cost.

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