Simplicity and service to drive future growth

Simplicity and service to drive future growth

Simplicity and service will be the two leading concepts for TeliaSonera
in the future. During the next seven years TeliaSonera will transform
into a genuine service company through simplifying all aspects of

In Stockholm yesterday under the common theme "Simplicity makes
everything possible", TeliaSonera's President and CEO Anders Igel
launched the company´s Vision for 2010 to 850 top managers from
TeliaSonera´s markets in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia, Turkey
and Eurasia.

"Telecom development over the last 150 years has meant that we have made
things far too complicated in the telecom industry," says Igel and
points out simplicity as the main means to reach the vision of a genuine
service company for 2010.

"We regard simplicity in all its aspects as the single most important
element in order for customers to start using our new services more
frequently. We believe this will be the key to create growth in the
coming years," continues Igel.

The development of the TeliaSonera Vision 2010 has involved large parts
of the company. 700 managers and employees have been deeply involved in
the process and in addition 3,000 employees have been active over our
intranet. "We believe that a broad and thorough preparation phase is the
prerequisite for making this happen. We will immediately start to
implement this in our daily work," says Igel.

Our benchmarking peers over the coming decade will not be traditional
competing operators. "Telecom operators are far from what we believe
genuine service is about, and in all the major markets we already have a
good position in that comparison," continues Igel. "On the contrary we
will stretch our ambitions and compare ourselves with the top players in
the European service industry, such as airlines, hotels and

One of the central parts of the vision is the non-technological
perspective. "We believe that people are sick and tired of all the
different systems, abbreviations and adaptations necessary. Our
customers do not care if we use fixed, mobile or datacom technologies.
We want all our systems to work together seamlessly", claims Igel. "It
will take some time before we arrive at our goals, but I am convinced
that already by 2005 we will see substantial improvements compared to
the situation today," says Igel.

"For me the Vision 2010 constitutes the start of something new and
signifies a now fully integrated TeliaSonera. Efficiency measures and
synergy realisation will of course continue, but now the joint operation
also has a common direction in which to move," concludes Anders Igel.

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