Telia Go customers can now watch the news on their mobile phones

As of today, all Telias Swedish mobile customers who use the Telia Go service can watch the news on their mobile handsets. The news, provided by the Swedish agency TT (Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå), can be downloaded as video clips onto their phones. Telia is also cutting its GPRS rate, for consumers, almost 70 percent in conjunction with the launch of this new service.
Up to now the Telia Go service has included news in Swedish reported by the Aftonbladet evening tabloid and Dagens Nyheter daily newspaper. However, the biggest new feature is that Telia Go subscribers can now view video clips in addition to text-based news, which makes news browsing a much more rewarding and interesting experience. The clips come from the editorial staff for web television at TT, which produces Swedish news in video format for websites, mobile operators and other customers.
"Moving pictures on mobile handsets is not something that will come only with 3G. This type of service, which is like 3G, can be offered already today. Now Telia Go customers can read more than text news on their phones - they can also see real news clips, which gives them a completely different experience," says Indra Åsander, head of the Consumer Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.
In conjunction with the launch of the new service, Telia is also cutting its GPRS rate sharply in its GPRS Mobile pricing plan, OnLine Rörlig. As of today, the GPRS rate will be lowered from 12.5 öre per kbyte to 4 öre per kbyte - a reduction of 68 percent. The GPRS rate is being reduced because the new video service will help create a new usage pattern for mobile phones and because Telia wants more customers to be able to use the service.
Telia has combined the best mobile services in Telia Go. A user-friendly menu and preset mobile phones makes it even simpler for subscribers to start using the services. Today, Telia Go features a number of services that users can access to request directions to the nearest restaurant, search for available housing, locate their friends, play games, take still pictures, send multimedia messages and read the news and their e-mail - right on their mobile handset.
Users of Telia Go only pay for the services and amount of data they send or receive. They are connected all the time and can quickly access the services they want to use. Telia Go currently functions on the following mobile phones: the Nokia 3650, Sony Ericsson P800 and Sony Ericsson T610.
Håkan Ström, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden, Consumer Segment, 46 8 713 58 30.
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