Teliasonera Finland has a strong position in finnish broadband markets

-The 100,000 household mark has been topped-
According to a survey of broadband-access market shares conducted by Taloustutkimus, TeliaSonera Finland is the market leader in the provision of broadband access for Finnish households.
The survey conducted by Taloustutkimus in July-August shows that TeliaSonera Finland is the most popular provider of broadband access for households in Finland with its 30% market share. The company has maintained approximately a third of the broadband market during the last twelve months. TeliaSonera Finland has also retained its number one position in all Internet subscriptions, with a market share of 29%.

The strong market position is clearly reflected in the customer volume. "Last month, we topped the 100,000 household mark in our broadband customers. We have worked hard for this. Thanks also belongs to our customers who have opted for the Sonera broadband service. Competition is hard in the broadband market, so it's still our challenge to strengthen our market position further," says Vice President Petri Lahtinen of TeliaSonera Finland.
The number of broadband customers has soared over the past few years. According to the consumer barometer of Statistics Finland (8/2003), over 350,000, i.e. 15% of the households in Finland use broadband to access the Internet. The pricing, better availability and a wish to start using high-speed connections have rapidly raised the consumers' interest in broadband.
In broadband subscriptions, a high rate and low price are combined. Broadband is always on and thus readily available for use. The high rate enables faster transmission of e-mail files, for example, or downloading of pictures, and increases the range of supplementary services available. Broadband also makes it easier for the users to surf on the Internet and use online services.
TeliaSonera Finland offers three different broadband subscriptions according to the customer's needs and area of residence. To use the service, the users need to subscribe to Sonera Broadband ADSL, Sonera Broadband Housing Company or Sonera Internet Cable. TeliaSonera has the widest coverage in Finland: at the moment, Sonera's subscriptions are available at over 250 municipalities. "Village Broadband", TeliaSonera's tailor-made concept for rural areas brings broadband services to people living outside populated areas, advancing the equality in broadband services between various districts.
Petri Lahtinen, Vice President, TeliaSonera Finland tel. 358 400 500 373e-mail:
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