TeliaSonera reducing prices in Sweden

TeliaSonera reducing prices in Sweden

TeliaSonera is reducing the price to end customers of calls during
evenings and weekends from Telia's fixed network to mobile phones
connected to the Tele2/Comviq and Vodafone mobile networks. The
reduction takes effect on 24 October 2003.

As operator, TeliaSonera is also reducing the interconnection rate to
its GSM network from SEK 0.88 to SEK 0.82 per minute.

Rationalisations within TeliaSonera Sweden have facilitated reductions
in interconnection rates, but so far TeliaSonera has not seen
corresponding reductions by other operators in the market. There is a
direct correlation between the price customers have to pay and the
interconnection rate paid by the various operators for using each
other's networks. Currently there is a disparity between the mobile
operators in their interconnection rates. In the opinion of Marie
Ehrling, President of TeliaSonera Sweden, the price pattern on the
Swedish mobile telecom market could look different.

"Our competitors are currently allowed to charge much higher
interconnection rates than us, despite the fact that TeliaSonera has
better geographical coverage. This distorts competition and pushes
prices up on the Swedish mobile market. We hope the new Electronic
Communications Act will change that. The day we have fair
interconnection rates is the day we will see the price of calls to
mobile networks falling," says Marie Ehrling.

The interconnection rate is the fee that mobile operators take from each
other in the various networks. In law, TeliaSonera Sweden is liable to
maintain a cost-based interconnection rate. Since TeliaSonera Sweden has
continually improved its efficiency, it is now possible to further
reduce its interconnection rate. Currently, Vodafone and Tele2 must pay
SEK 0.82 per minute for calls to TeliaSonera's network, whilst they are
demanding that TeliaSonera Sweden pays up to SEK 1.90 to Vodafone and
SEK 1.85 to Tele2.

Telia's new customer price from the fixed network, which applies on
weekdays 18:00-08:00 and weekends to the Tele2/Comviq and Vodafone
mobile networks, means a reduction of SEK 0.30 from the current SEK 2.25
to SEK 1.95. The price to mobiles connected to the Telia network is
unchanged at SEK 1.50 per minute during the same times. A connection fee
of SEK 0.45 applies to all calls. On weekdays 08:00-18:00 the price is
unchanged at SEK 2.95. The price to mobiles on the Telia network is
unchanged at SEK 2.50 during the same times.

Further information for journalists can be obtained from:
Ola Kallemur, Press Director, TeliaSonera Sweden, +46 20 77 58 30

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