A new Turku-based TeliaSonera Finland unit to focus on linking ICT and health care services

TeliaSonera Finland believes that ICT services will play an important role in the health service sector. On account of its location, technological competence and TeliaSonera Finland's local customer and partner network, Turku is an excellent location for the new unit.
TeliaSonera Finland will establish a new unit in Turku at the beginning of 2004. The aim of the new unit is to link the company's advanced high-quality ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services with the health service offering of the Turku region. The unit, which will initially employ only a few persons, will focus on linking ICT and health care services and on searching for new opportunities to increase cooperation between the two sectors.
Turku is an extremely suitable location for the new unit. Turku is, for example, about to launch a CARDITIS EU data communications project. In addition to TeliaSonera Finland, the technology unit of the City of Turku, called ICT Turku Oy, and the University of Turku will participate in the project. TeliaSonera Finland has, moreover, long-term customer relationships in the health service sector of the Turku region. In 1998, the company built a data network for the City of Turku's health service, and the network is currently being revamped to meet the present-day needs. TeliaSonera Finland also provides information management services, such as workstation maintenance and server services, to the Turku health service.
The unit to be established will cooperate closely with the telecommunications group Auria, with which TeliaSonera Finland deepened its ownership cooperation at the beginning of October. Auria has long experience of the customer needs in the local health service sector, and ICT services will be created to satisfy these needs.
TeliaSonera Finland, in turn, has gained broad experience of development work. In the spring of 2002, the company launched a cooperation project with the private health service sector to combine its data communications competence with health care services. The project comprises planning and introducing a measurement, transmission and connection system for home care and self-care use.
Health care is one of the most rapidly growing service sectors in the world. There will be increasing demands in the field of health care as the population grows older and personal health care services grow and also as a result of the ICT evolution. TeliaSonera Finland is taking measures to meet these demands.
"The expertise and high-quality services of TeliaSonera Finland provide a solid foundation for consumer-driven development of health services. By linking ICT and health services, we aim to introduce easy-to-use and high-quality services in the health service market," says Vice President Jarmo Sundin of TeliaSonera Finland.
"We are glad that TeliaSonera Finland chose Turku as the location of its new unit. This enables close cooperation and opens new opportunities for Auria's local customer offering," says Auria's Managing Director Eero Sinkkonen.
ICT services refer to communications-intensive telecom and IT services including application services (ASP), management and information security services, network services and other related services.
Jarmo Sundin, Vice President, TeliaSonera Finland, tel. +358 2040 73297,
Eero Sinkkonen, Managing Director, Auria, tel. +358 40 842 1135,
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