Sales of broadband service to start in Örebro County

Today marks the start of broadband service sales in Örebro County's new broadband network in Sweden. Close to 90 percent of the residents in ten of the county's 12 largest municipalities will have access to broadband just in time for the new year. Some will also have connections with speeds as high as 8 Mbit/s.
In May this year the county administrative board of Örebro County and its 12 municipalities signed agreements for building out broadband service in the entire county. Since May, all municipalities have been connected in a fibre optic network.
A fibre optic network has also been built to link communities and small towns in the ten municipalities of Askersund, Degerfors, Hallsberg, Hällefors, Karlskoga, Laxå, Lekeberg, Lindesberg, Ljusnarsberg and Nora. In the different locations, telephone switching centres have been upgraded for ADSL which enables very high penetration of the municipalities (the municipalities of Örebro and Kumla were excepted from this part of the build-out, since they decided at an earlier date to build their own core networks).
The network will be cut into service on December 31. Already on Thursday, households and enterprises in the ten municipalities can choose one of the ADSL providers that uses Skanova's network. The service can be used by all end customers located within a distance of 5.5 km from a telecom switching centre upgraded to ADSL capacity. Depending on the ADSL provider, the network will also have a capacity of 8 Mbit/s for end customers located within 3.5 km of a switching centre. Telia will launch this service on November 26.
Skanova networks have been provided during the year to a large number of Swedish municipalities and counties with principal towns located far from rural communities.
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