Sonera GRX strengthens position in Northern Europe

- Commercial agreement with Ålands Mobiltelefon Ab
TeliaSonera Finland and Ålands Mobiltelefon Ab have signed a long-term commercial agreement for Sonera GRX service. The agreement is the latest in a series of orders for Sonera GRX.
Sonera GRX has a strong regional position in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia. Presently all Finnish mobile operators are Sonera GRX customers. In addition Sonera GRX has two mobile operator customers in Estonia, one in both Lithuania and Latvia as well as two in Russia. Elsewhere, agreements have been signed recently with One Austria and H3G Italy. In total, Sonera GRX's reference list already counts 27 customers around the world.
For Ålands Mobiltelefon Ab, the agreement enables high quality GPRS roaming and MMS interworking connectivity to all Finnish mobile operators and several Baltic and Russian mobile operators, as well as to all Sonera GRX customers worldwide. Ålands Mobiltelefon Ab can also reach around 150 mobile operators around the world through Sonera GRX's extensive peering agreements.
"We are pleased to be working with Ålands Mobiltelefon Ab," says Sales Director Sam Ekblom. "In Finland's intensively competitive mobile market, Ålands Mobiltelefon Ab stands out for its local presence and advanced services. As the front door to Finland, Aland has a long history of international business and trade. Now, through Sonera GRX, they have access to mobile services on a global scale."
"For us it was an easy choice to choose Sonera as a GRX provider because of a very interesting relationship between us. We are at the same time competitors and partners. As a partner, we are convinced that Sonera can deliver services that improve our competitiveness, " says Mr Thomas Lax, CTO of Ålands Mobiltelefon Ab.
Editor's notes:
GRX, as specified in the IR.34 recommendations laid down by the International Roaming Expert Group (IREG) of the GSM Association, is a centralised IP routing network for interconnecting GPRS and UMTS networks. GSM Association's permanent reference document MMS Interworking Guidelines (IR.52) recommends the use of GRX roaming network as the preferred network in MMS interworking. Roaming and interworking are basic requirements for making global mobile Internet services possible for GPRS and UMTS subscribers
Mr Sam Ekblom, Director, Sonera Carrier Networks Ltd, phone 358 40 7507770
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