Telia increases speed of broadband service

Telia increases speed of broadband service

As of Wednesday this week (Nov. 26, 2003), households and companies in
Sweden's three largest metropolitan areas can considerably increase the
speed of their Telia ADSL broadband up to 8 Mbit/s - in Stockholm up to
10 Mbit/s with VDSL technology. This faster broadband service will be
gradually built out in various locations around Sweden.

Up to now, Telia's broadband service has been available in speeds
ranging from 250 Kbit/s to 2 Mbit/s. These speeds have been offered to
customers who live no further than 5.5 km or 3.5 km from their local
telecom exchange. In order to utilize the new transmission speeds, the
shorter distance limit applies, due to resistance in phone lines: up to
3.5 km for 8 Mbit/s and a maximum distance limit of 1 km for 10 Mbit/s.

Seventy-two percent of all Swedes currently have Internet access at
home. Of these users, 61 percent are still using a dial-up modem. In
addition to allowing phone calls and surfing at the same time, broadband
offers the benefit of short downloading times. With VDSL, a 5 MB file
can be theoretically downloaded in five seconds. With a dial-up modem
(56 Kbit/s), the same downloading procedure would take about 12 minutes.

The speed will be determined by the current load on the Internet, the
distance a customer is from the local telecom exchange, the customer's
equipment and the quality of the copper cables. The closer the
connection is to an exchange, the faster its speed will be.

Customers can currently order Telia Broadband 8 Mbit/s in 20 locations
in Sweden - in Stockholm and most of its neighboring municipalities and
in Södertälje, Gothenburg and Malmö. In Stockholm, VDSL service with a
speed of 10Mbit/s is being offered for the time being in the surburb of
Spånga and in sections of the downtown area.

Customers pay a one-off connection charge for the new broadband speeds,
as well as a fixed monthly rate allowing unlimited surfing on the
Internet. The first customers will be connected in January 2004.

For more information about prices, visit and click on the
links either "Privat" (Consumers) or "Företag" (Companies).

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