TeliaSonera Denmark tops 100,000 broadband customers via cable TV network

TeliaSonera Denmark's cable TV and broadband company, Telia Stofa, has reached customer number 100,000 for StofaNet broadband, which operates via the antenna and housing associations' cable TV network. Telia Stofa's growth in the broadband segment is attributable in part to attractive, usage-based subscription fees - known as FlexRate® - supported by a nationwide marketing campaign.
"Many people have become so used to high-speed Internet connections at work that they lose patience with the slowness of 56K or ISDN connections," explains Telia Stofa's Managing Director Ole Simonsen. "They want quality Internet time on their home computers too, which probably explains the popularity of our low-cost broadband offer."
In September, Telia Stofa launched a nationwide campaign offering new customers StofaNet broadband access for only DKK 50 per month. The FlexRate® method of payment is structured differently from most other broadband products on the Danish market, insofar as pricing is usage-based according to the individual's needs - something that greatly appeals to broadband users.
Ole Simonsen continues: "We provide broadband at an attractive price/speed combination which provides our customers with a very competitive product. For instance, if you compare the speed and prices of Telia Stofa's usage-based broadband with similar competitor products, then our broadband - as we see it - is by far the best broadband offer for the average Danish family."
Today, StofaNet is the preferred broadband supplier for about 20% of private broadband users in Denmark. And via antenna and housing associations' cable TV network, more than 350,000 households in Denmark have a possible access to high-speed Internet with StofaNet broadband if they choose TeliaStofa as their Internet broadband supplier.
"We are finding that an increasing number of antenna and housing associations in Denmark are opting to expand their facilities. Members want high-speed Internet for a whole range of things, from finding information to home banking and good quality downloading of music and pictures - without any irritating waiting time. I have the feeling that high-speed Internet accessibility is becoming an important parameter to the typical Danish family when deciding where to live," concludes Ole Simonsen.
Telia Stofa supplies about 600,000 cable TV customers in Denmark, but to access broadband Internet the individual antenna/housing association must install a so-called return path solution to enable a two-way flow of data traffic - compared, for instance, to TV signals, which only require unidirectional data flow.
Managing Director Ole Simonsen, Telia Stofa, TeliaSonera Denmark, + 45 28 27 05 21
Communications Manager Robert Neimanas, TeliaSonera Denmark, +45 28 27 51 82
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