TeliaSonera pilots iJack(TM) - a new way to distribute content to mobile phones

TeliaSonera pilots iJack(TM) - a new way to distribute content to mobile

iJack(TM) service is a new way to distribute content to mobile phones. The
service enables companies to easily and conveniently distribute music,
video, animations, games, programs, information packages and mobile
coupons to their customers from a iJack(TM) device. This device can be
deployed in stores, shopping malls, movie theaters, concert halls or in
other public locations.

TeliaSonera launches a service pilot with four selected companies in
Finland in the beginning of December. The service is not only a new
element in the range of medias available to service providers, but it
also helps the companies´ internal communication needs. In addition it
can make private persons' contact with public services more convenient.
The company which offers iJack(TM) also determines what content is
offered in its location and the end-users select the content from this
selection. The end-users download the content to their mobile phones
free of charge.

iJack(TM) service can be used with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones with
sufficient available memory. The mobile phone models supported during
the pilot are Nokia's 3650, 3660, 6600, 7650 and N-Gage models but also
mobile phones from other vendors will be supported.

iJack(TM) is a full service which includes the iJack(TM) device, its
delivery and maintenance, reporting and system management as well as the
distribution of content to iJack(TM) devices from which the end-users
can then retrieve it. TeliaSonera provides its´ corporate customers both
with a www front end and a totally automated software interface for
managing iJack(TM) content. This allows corporate customers to specify
the content at their iJack(TM) locations. The content is transferred
from this system to iJack(TM) devices over the GPRS network at the
intervals specified by the customer. The content of iJack(TM) devices
can vary even on a daily basis.

- iJack(TM) will accelerate the evolution of 3G services. This service
will bring rich content to mobile phones already today since Bluetooth
allows a quick transfer of even large files. This service supplements
TeliaSonera's 3G services. If iJack(TM) proves to be a successful
service pilot we will consider extending it to our other markets also,
says Niklas Sonkin, TeliaSonera AB, Senior Vice President, Marketing,
Product and Services Unit.

The iJack(TM) device has been developed together with WideRay, a Silicon
Valley based company in which TeliaSonera is an owner. TeliaSonera and
WideRay also co-operate in the United States where WideRay provides a
similar service. The companies selected to take part in this Finnish
pilot are, home electronic stores Musta Pörssi Merituuli in Espoo and
Jättipörssi in Vantaa, movie distributor Finnkino and mobile
communications equipment chain Telering. They will announce their
iJack(TM) locations as the pilot begins.

For further information, please contact:
Timo Korpela (overall and business issues), President, Sonera
Corporation US, phone +1 408 455 2905 or +358 40 5575 650. E-mail

Tapio Koskinen (technical issues), Director, TeliaSonera Finland, phone
+358 40 5574766 E-mail:

Kimmo Seppänen (sales), Director, TeliaSonera Finland, phone
+358 400 523747 E-mail:

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