A workstation-specific information security service based on F-Secure's technology

Sonera starts to provide a workstation-specific antivirus and firewall service to its small and medium-sized business Internet customers. The Sonera Desktop Security service provides workstations with additional information security against attempted virus attacks and hacking. The service is implemented in cooperation with F-Secure.
The new supplementary service allows the customer to increase the efficiency of protection against viruses and various intrusion attempts directed at the company by workstation-specific software. Sonera Desktop Security is a suitable service for small and medium-sized businesses that have not previously used any antivirus or firewall software and for people who telework or travel a lot.
The Sonera Desktop Security service makes it possible to define various workstation-specific information security rules according to which data communication is allowed between the workstation and the Internet. The service also includes predefined antivirus and firewall rules, which facilitates the introduction of the service. The program and the operating instructions are in Finnish. The service is based on F-Secure's software, and it downloads the latest antivirus protection updates automatically directly from the service provider's server.
"The new fast-moving worms, troijans and other malicious computer viruses have proved the importance of antivirus and firewall software. The protective measures must be extended to all network levels: the border of the corporate network, the servers and the workstations. In cooperation with F-Secure, we can now provide our business customers with the most efficient workstation-specific information security solutions cost-effectively and according to the actual customer need," says Senior Vice President Pasi Tolonen of TeliaSonera Finland Oyj.
"Service providers must be able to meet the needs of the changing world. We believe that it is the responsibility of service providers to help their customers to find easy-to-use solutions for secure use of the Internet. Sonera has for several years been successfully offering F-Secure's information security solutions to its consumer customers based on their order. We are extremely pleased that our partnership agreement has been expanded and that we can now also provide the solutions that their business customers need," says Kimmo Alkio, Chief Operating Officer of F-Secure.
Pasi Tolonen, Senior Vice President, Business Customers, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj,
tel. +358 403 022000
Tommi Vänninen, Product Manager, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj,
tel. +358 400 291 050
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