Skanova broadband network ready in Vansbro by year-end

Skanova broadband network ready in Vansbro by year-end

By the end of this year, the majority of the residents in Vansbro will
have access to the municipality's new broadband network. They can order
broadband with up to 2 Mbit/s capacity from operators already today.

At the end of June this year the Municipality of Vansbro signed an
agreement with Skanova for the build-out of a broadband network. Since
then, the communities of Vansbro, Hulån, Dala-Järna, Nås, Uppsälje and
Äppelbo have been connected by a fibre-optic network with a very high
transmission capacity. Telecom exchanges in these areas have been
upgraded for ADSL capacity, allowing use of the existing telephone
network and enabling a very high penetration rate for broadband in the

Approximately 85 percent of households will have access to the network,
which will be placed in service on January 2, 2004. Those who have
access to the network can already choose between 12 different ADSL
operators that use Skanova's network to provide services.

All households located within a distance of about 5.5 km from an
upgraded exchange can have access to broadband with a capacity up to 2

"This is a welcomed Christmas present for the people living in our
municipality. We faced a tough job when we discontinued our broadband co-
operation with neighbouring municipalities, but we soon realised that
the Skanova network would enable the provision of broadband service to
almost all our residents, which we hardly thought possible in the
beginning. The build-out has gone very smoothly, and in contrast to our
neighbouring municipalities, we will start up our network already in the
beginning of the New Year," says Gunnar Magnusson, chairman of the
municipal executive board.

In 2003, Skanova networks have been delivered to a large number of
municipalities and counties in Sweden that have long distances between
large central towns and sparsely populated rural communities. These
include Överkalix and Kalix in Norrbotten in the north of Sweden;
Stenungsund, Tjörn and Orust in Bohus County on the west coast, and
Örebro and Kalmar counties in the southeast.

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