Skanova network gives Mörbylånga Sweden's best broadband

Skanova network gives Mörbylånga Sweden's best broadband

Today (Dec. 17) marks the completion of the final phase of the broadband
network build-out in the Municipality of Mörbylånga on the Swedish
Baltic island of Öland. The municipality now has the highest broadband
penetration in Sweden achieved to date.

Mörbylånga is the first municipality in Sweden to have all its telecom
exchanges upgraded for broadband capacity. With very few exceptions, all
households and companies in the municipality can connect to the network.

"Broadband helps us create better conditions for business to develop in
the municipality and it gives us the same communication possibilities
that Sweden's major metropolitan areas have. Broadband has been in great
demand among consumers and companies and hopefully this build-out will
give more people the possibility to telecommute from home and enable us
to attract more companies to set up business in our municipality," says
Saga Sigvardsson, chairperson of the Mörbylånga municipal executive

The municipality signed an agreement for the broadband build-out in
2002. The broadband network is already finished in the following
locations: Alby, Algutsrum, Färjestaden, Glömminge, Grönhögen, Gårdby,
Kastlösa, Mörbylånga, Norra Möckleby, Skogsby, Stora Frö, Södra
Möckleby, Tveta and Vickleby. The last phase covered Smedby, Näsby,
Torngård, Segerstad, Skärlöv and Stenåsa.

"Our offering to municipalities in municipalities and counties in Sweden
is based on cost-effective and fast build-outs of the broadband network
with very high penetration, even in rural areas. This is because we
build new infrastructure with fibre-optic networks and ADSL nodes," says
Susanne Jacobsson, Skanova.

In 2003, Skanova networks have been delivered to a large number of
municipalities and counties in Sweden that have long distances between
large central towns and sparsely populated rural communities.

For further information journalist can contact:
Charlotte Löfgren, Press Secretary, TeliaSonera Networks & Production,
Phone +46 8 713 58 30

For further information journalists can contact:
TeliaSonera´s Press Service, +46-(0)8-713 58 30

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