TeliaSonera first with flat rate telephony to the business market in Denmark

Calls at DKK 0.00 per minute. This is the main feature of TeliaSonera Denmark's new business product 'Colleague Call', and the first time in the business market that a fixed monthly price for company internal calls has been introduced.
The monthly charge of DKK 90 per user allows Danish companies to fix - and therefore know - their variable costs for internal telephony. TeliaSonera Denmark's new business product 'Colleague Call', an innovation in the market, makes this possible and is the first flatrate standard product of its kind in the business market in Denmark.
With 'Colleague Call', the customer pays one price after which employees can talk as much as they want with one another. This gives customers security, as traffic costs between the company's mobile and fixed line telephones are always known. Where internal telephone usage is high, significant financial gains can also be achieved. Employees can talk to each other at a fixed price, whether they are at the company's premises or on the move, also where a company has several different locations. When the monthly charges are paid, calls can be made across the country, between mobile telephones and between mobile and fixed line telephones.
"Based on the feedback we have received from our business customers, we know that many companies want services which are simple to use and which offer attractive prices for internal traffic. We have listened to this very seriously and chosen to do something new and different. Firstly, we have decided to change a variable cost in companies to a fixed cost. Secondly, we have chosen to develop a solution which includes both mobile and fixed line telephones, say Telia Mobile president Jesper Brøckner and Telia Networks president Peter Bredgaard.
TeliaSonera Denmark wants to create greater competition in the business market with Colleague Call, by providing companies with benefits which have previously not been seen on the market. "There is no doubt that it is important for us, a challenger in the market, to create different products. In the private market, we have gone in new directions with products such as Telia Xpress and Telia Fritid. We are now going in new directions in the business market and believe that many small and medium sized companies can see the benefit of the new flat rate product", conclude Jesper Brøckner and Peter Bredgaard.
President Jesper Brøckner, Telia Mobile, TeliaSonera Danmark, + 45 28 27 27 27
President Peter Bredgaard, Telia Networks, TeliaSonera Danmark, +45 28 27 52 72
Communication manager Robert Neimanas, TeliaSonera Danmark, + 45 28 27 51 82
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