TeliaSonera Sweden proposes opening fixed telephony subscriptions to competition

TeliaSonera Sweden proposes opening fixed telephony subscriptions to

TeliaSonera Sweden proposes that fixed telephony subscriptions be opened
to competition. Several operators could sell services that are included
in fixed telephony subscriptions today.In addition, customer will have
greater freedom of choice to select a customised, personal solution and
the services that will be included in the subscriptions.

"This is the last part of the Swedish telecom market that is not
completely open to competition today and we want it open. It's good for
customers, for TeliaSonera and for other operators," says Marie Ehrling,
head of TeliaSonera Sweden.

A fixed telephony subscription consists of several parts today - the
connection to the copper network, telephony service, customer service,
and associated services such as voicemail and caller ID. Today,
customers who only use an ADSL connection for their communications must
also pay for fixed telephony and related services that are not utilised.

This is not a favourable situation for anyone. TeliaSonera Sweden
therefore wants to open up the market by proposing wholesale sales of
network connections at cost-based prices for other operators. Other
services are to be sold in a competitive market at market prices. The
fixed telephony subscription market would thus be open to competition.
Telephony traffic is already sold in a competitive market today.

TeliaSonera's proposal would mean more freedom and greater
responsibility for operators. Services that are included in fixed
telephony subscriptions today could be sold by more operators, either as
combined or as separate services.

"Large telecom providers like TeliaSonera want to offer their own broad-
based solutions, while smaller operators might only want to produce
selected services and purchase others. Competition in the fixed
telephony subscription market can create a flora of new services," says
Marie Ehrling.

TeliaSonera Sweden has submitted its proposal to the Swedish Post and
Telecom Agency (PTS). TeliaSonera Sweden could start providing and
resell subscriptions based on its model already in the second half of
2004. After year-end 2003, TeliaSonera Sweden will initiate discussions
with other operators in the market.

For further information journalists can contact:
Ola Kallemur, Head of External Communications, TeliaSonera Sweden,
phone +46 70 600 12 59

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