Tina the chef is more popular than the King when Swedes want to call and wish a Merry Christmas

During the upcoming holiday season the Swedes prefer most of all to call their parents to wish them a Merry Christmas. But if they had the chance to phone a celebrity for Christmas, Swedish TV chef Tina Nordström, and Swedish world champion septathalon winner Carolina Klüft, would receive the most phone calls. The King of Sweden would have to be satisfied with being the third most popular choice. These were some of the findings in a poll that the research company Cint conducted for Telia.
One out of every three Swedes say they want to call their parents during the Christmas holidays more than anyone else. Good friends (27 percent) would also receive many Christmas greetings on the phone.
"The ordinary wireline telephone is extremely important when people to keep in touch with the people who are dearest to them - especially during holiday seasons like Christmas and New Year's," says Indra Åsander, head of the Consumer Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.
The survey also indicated that the majority of the people polled in the survey prefer to receive a Christmas greeting in the form of a traditional Christmas card, although 28 percent stated that they thought it was most fun to get a Christmas call on their home phone.
Tina is popular with men and women
Men, as well as women, would prefer to call Tina Nordström and wish her a Merry Christmas. However, Swedish popular singer Lasse Berghagen would probably receive more holiday calls from women than men, since 9 percent of the women in the survey, but only 3 percent of the men, said they would like to call him to extend their Christmas greetings.
Another difference between men and women is that a growing number of women are calling to good friends during the Christmas holidays. Twenty-nine percent of the women who were polled prefer to call a good friend. The corresponding figure for men is 23 percent.
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Hans G. Larsson, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden, Consumer Segment, +46 8 713 58 30.
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