Adjustment of pro forma figures in TeliaSoneras Year-End Report January-December 2002

In TeliaSonera's Year-End Report 2002, published on February 19, 2003, calculation errors regarding the pro forma figures for 2002 have been noted. The corrections concern eliminations of Com hem and Telia Finland, among others, in the column "Adjustments". Corrections have also been made regarding pro forma taxes. Neither the legal results nor Telia´s stand-alone or Sonera´s stand-alone results are affected. TeliaSonera´s outlooks, stated in the report, are not affected by the corrected pro forma figures. The correct pro forma figures are shown below in tables corresponding to the year-end report. As stated in the year-end report, TeliaSonera is in the process of acquiring the remaining outstanding shares and warrants in Sonera; thus, the final amounts of fair value adjustments and goodwill are subject to refinement. This may later on lead to further adjustments of the pro forma figures.

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