Sonera and Levi Travel Ltd. implement together a text message channel that utilizes Sonera?s positioning services. The channel provides vacationers at Levi skiing resort with up-to-date tips on where to eat, what kind of evening program is available and what is the weather like on the slopes of the Levi fell.
The LevInfo service locates the customers who are registered on the channel and as long as they are on the Levi area or have not turned off the channel, the service sends them messages about the events at Levi. The info-channel contains, for example, information about the weather on the slopes, tips for the day´s activities as well as information and offers from the shops and companies at Levi. The content of LevInfo is produced by Levi Travel Ltd. and the local companies. LevInfo is activated by sending a text message, AVAA LEVINFO, to the number 15 555 (0 euros). In connection with the activation of the channel the users give their consent to positioning after which the service locates them and wishes them welcome. Beside the consent, the customer?s privacy has been taken care of so that positioning is not continuous and the positioning data is not stored for further use. LevInfo sends news and commercial bulletins three to four times a day. "The content offered by the channel lives in the same tempo as the holiday resort: in the morning we publish weather reports and at the beginning of the week we introduce the program for the coming week", describes deputy managing director Jussi Töyrylä of Levi Travel Ltd. "The channel is really useful especially when we want to inform visitors about big events such as competitions", Töyrylä continues. "The channel also takes first steps in the world of location-based mobile marketing. LevInfo allocates the messages to customers according to the base stations located at the area in such a way that the customers receive up-to-date information depending on their location. In the future, for example, when the service can be used also by MMS phones, images and sound will be included in the messages", says marketing manager Olli Sotka from TeliaSonera Finland. "The channel sends the same message to the vacationer's mobile phone only once. This means that the customers can ski in peace without receiving the same messages over and over again", Sotka continues. It is not necessary to deactivate the channel because when the customers leave the snows of Levi behind, the messages stop coming. However, it is possible to turn off the channel separately by sending the text message SULJE LEVINFO. LevInfo is at Sonera's mobile phone customers disposal when they visit Levi during February 3 - May 2. Registering on the channel and receiving of the messages are free of charge to the user. Sonera and Levi have worked together long Sonera and Levi have been cooperating about a year. Among other things, Sonera's chat services Tutkain (Radar) and Treffit (Date) are available for people visiting Levi. Tutkain is a location- based chat, which deploys the mobile phone's position data in order to find a free chatting partner as close by as possible, for example from Levi. Tutkain is especially convenient for those chatters who would like to see their chatting partner also in real life. Another popular Sonera's chat service at Levi is Treffit (Date). This service allows he customers to seek company according to a specific meeting place. The customers can define the meeting place and they can focus on some certain topics and even on a place, for example downhill skiing and Levi. Besides mobile services, Sonera's broadband Internet connections are available to Levi's customers through Sonera wGate. Sonera wGate is a fast wireless Internet service by means of which the customers can have access to the Internet, for example, from their laptops. In addition to the airport in Kittilä, wGate service areas at Levi include Hotel Levitunturi, Hotel Sirkantähti and Hotel K5, Hullu Poro Areena and Levi Gondola restaurant.

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