Sonera transfers internet services to the mobile phone

Sonera is launching Chat and Kaista, which incorporate familiar Internet services in your mobile phone. Sonera's mobile phone clients can use Chat to continue chatting while travelling, even when they switch devices. Kaista, on the other hand, is a colourful and extensive entertainment service that is familiar from Sonera Plaza, which offers audiovisual experiences in addition to information.
No interruptions, even when switching devices Sonera's chat family is welcoming a new addition. Chat makes Sonera Plaza's net and IRC-based conversations accessible to mobile phone clients. Nicknames are used in the conversations and all messages are instantaneously visible to every one who is participating in the conversation. Private messages are also available, just like on the Internet. Chat is a Java-based application that presently works on Nokia 7650s and 3650s. Compact and impressive entertainment package for mobiles Kaista sends all of the music and movie material on Sonera Plaza to the subscriber's phone. The service can also be used to watch videos if the subscriber has a phone that supports moving images. Kaista has news on music and movies, articles, critiques and interviews. Subscribers can thus read and even view the most recent festival interviews with an artist or the latest music videos from their own mobile phone. In addition, polyphonic ring tones can be downloaded from Kaista. Kaista's mobile phone service works best on those phones that have colour screens, although a black and white version is also available for older WAP phones. The service automatically selects the appropriate service version for the subscriber's phone. The videos sent by Kaista can be viewed on Nokia 7650s that have RealOne Mobile installed on them and on Nokia 3650s, which have this installed as a standard feature. Kaista and Chat will be available to mobile phone subscribers from 18 February 2001 on. Kaista can be found from Sonera's WAP menu at (Huvi&Hyöty Viihde & Vapaa-aika Kaista) as well as from The Chat application can be found in the Sonera WAP menu under Ladattavat sovellukset. No connection charges or monthly fees are levied for using the services. Service users only pay the data transfer charge. For the time being, the charges for Kaista's video service are priced according to the trial price. In order to use Chat and Kaista, you need certain WAP settings and GPRS connections that can be easily ordered by sending an SMS message to SETTINGS NOKIA model or SETTINGS ERICSSON model, for example, SETTINGS NOKIA 7650. Send the SMS to 15400. Sending the SMS is free. You can use the WAP services as soon as the settings are saved on your phone.

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