Swedish business executives are positive to mobile business services

Swedish business executives are positive to mobile business services

Eight out of ten Swedish business executives, 83 per cent, feel that
mobile business services, like mobile e-mail, could be a powerful tool
in their operations. 70 per cent believe they would invest more in this
field if they had the budget responsibility. This is the result of a
Telia survey of more than 100 companies.

Telia has asked CEOs, market, sales and financial managers in more than
100 Swedish companies across the country about their visions and views
of mobile services. 97 per cent in all think it would be very /quite
interesting to be able to send and receive e-mail, synchronise calendars
and have a secure wireless access wherever you are. 80 percent found it
very interesting, 17 per cent quite interesting.

User-friendly is important
The result also shows that many find user-friendliness more important
than e.g. security and capacity: 57 per cent prioritise user-
friendliness, 29 per cent security.

- It is good news that many executives are changing their ways of
thinking, and that more and more see mobile business services as a
powerful tool for their companies. We have great confidence in this type
of services for the future, says Eric Heilborn, Head of Business segment
at TeliaSonera Sweden.

Part of a major project
The survey was carried out in February by the company Netsurvey on
behalf of TeliaSonera Sweden. The result is based on 458 respondents,
all of them executives at more 100 companies throughout the country. The
survey is part of a project with Telia lending palmtop computers with
built-in mobile phones to Swedish executives. The purpose of the project
is to demonstrate the possibilities of mobile services.

For further information journalists can contact: Maria Stråhle, Press
Officer, TeliaSonera Sverige, Business segment, tel. +46 8 713 5830

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