Telia Denmark launches unlimited SMS at 0 DKK

On Monday 24. March Telia introduces a youth subscription not seen before in the Danish market. For the first time a mobile subscription includes SMS at 0 DKK irrespective of how many SMS´s being sent by the user.
With the new subscription, Telia Xpress, Telia Denmark will transgress the boundary so far untouched by any other Danish telecommunications provider: offering SMS at 0 DKK as an integral part of a mobile subscription. This is the result of thorough business considerations and extensive market studies which prove that a large group of young mobile users are willing to pay a higher subscription price if they can have an unlimited SMS consumption at the same time. Telia Denmark expects the new Xpress subscription to cover an important need among mobile users, namely simplicity and transparency. Now the eager SMS users or their parents can choose a mobile subscription knowing that they will not SMS themselves into expensive and uncomfortable mobile bills. Supplemented by a fixed, low minute rate irrespective of where, when and to whom a call is made, Telia Xpress provides the user with an easy overview. The Telia Xpress subscription costs DKK 120 per month and comprises - in addition to SMS at 0 DKK - a fixed minute rate of DKK 1.20. In addition, the subscription is supplemented by GPRS enabling the best user experience when the customers take advantage of Telia´s different content services such as java games in colour, news, TV-guides, information about concerts, cinemas etc. The price of GPRS depends on consump-tion, and the cost of transferring 10 kb is DKK 0.40. Jesper Brøckner, Director of Telia Mobile Denmark, expects a lot from the new Xpress subscription and says: - Telia must, as the market challenger in Denmark, always have special eyes for the concrete needs of the customers with a view to creating simple and attractive products. Only in that way can we increase our market share and thereby improve our profitability. With Xpress we find to have reached a unique concept focusing on the needs and wishes of the young mobile users, and we look forward to seeing how the young will accept it. - Together with the simplicity of Xpress, we would also like to cover the needs of the young for using the mobile phone for more than SMS and speech. Therefore we have included GPRS in the subscription providing the young with easy and quick access to different forms of games in colour, fun and useful information. For the first time in Denmark, a telecommunications company combines a private subscription with GPRS so also on that count Telia Xpress is in the frontline, says Jesper Brøckner in conclusion.

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