High-speed Sonera Broadband Access to MPs

Sonera provides broadband access for MPs and their assistants. Sonera starts connecting broadband subscriptions to MPs´ homes throughout Finland as the newly elected Parliament starts operating. The solution provides the MPs´ who are constantly on the move with access to the Parliament´s office and information services from their homes.
The MPs and their assistants can now make personal contact with the Finnish information society. The Parliamentary Office has concluded an agreement with Sonera: Sonera will provide broadband access to the homes of the MPs, their assistants and selected officials. The agreement includes about 500 Sonera Home ADSL subscriptions with installation and hardware. Apart from the access, the MPs´ homes will be provided with WLAN base stations, which enable wireless access in the home environment. The installation work will be carried out by Sonera´s partner YIT Primatel all around Finland. "The Parliament strives to adapt latest information technology early. For example our web services, which enable extensive monitoring of all parliamentary activities through the Internet, have received wide recognition. Metaphorically, the Parliament has been put into a glass box. The high-speed broadband connections that are now taken into use improve significantly MPs and their assistants possibilities to perform their duties also from their constituencies," says Administrative Director Kari T. Ahonen from the Parliamentary Office. "We are very pleased about the co-operation with the Parliament. The MPs are now riding a wave of technology. Sonera´s broadband access combined with a wireless network in the homes makes it possible for the MPs to manage both information and use of time efficiently, wherever they are and whenever they want. Sonera and its partner YIT Primatel offer the MPs a comprehensive service, combining reachability with ease-of-use. The order received from the Parliament is a significant opening move," says Senior Vice President Esa Korvenmaa from TeliaSonera Finland.

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