Skanova extends range of ADSL service to reach 170,000 new subscribers

Skanova extends range of ADSL service to reach 170,000 new subscribers

Sometimes a thousand metres can make a big difference. By increasing the
range of its ADSL service from 4.5 to 5.5 kilometres from built-out
switching centres, Skanova can offer broadband connections over the
telephone network to 170,000 new households and companies in Sweden. The
new conditions are valid for ADSL with transmission speeds of 0.25 Mbits
and 0.5 Mbits.

After completing a comprehensive testing program, TeliaSonera can now
offer subscribers located at longer distances from switching centres the
possibility to have a broadband connection via ADSL. Customers ordering
the service from TeliaSonera or another operator can be sure that the
promised capacity will also be delivered.

"The most important thing for TeliaSonera is to ensure that our
customers get quality. After conducting a thorough verification test, we
know we can deliver the new ADSL service. I am therefore very pleased
that we can now offer this popular service to another 170,000 households
and companies, of which most have not been able to have broadband up to
now because of geographic reasons," says Susanne Jacobsson, head of
Skanova - Telia Soneras wholesale department in Sweden.

Operators can subscribe for ADSL with a speed of 0.5 Mbits starting
already April 15. The 0.25 Mbits transmission speed will be offered at a
later date.

As recently as last week, TeliaSonera announced that 104 switching
centres in southern and central Sweden will be built out with ADSL
capacity. Together, with the extended service range decided today,
approximately 270,000 new households and companies in Sweden will soon
be able to subscribe for broadband via ADSL.

About 450,000 customers already have access to broadband through
agreements with one of the broadband operators utilising TeliaSonera's

For further information journalists can contact:
Charlotte Löfgren, Press Officer, TeliaSonera, Networks and Production,
phone + 46 8 713 58 30

TeliaSonera, formed through a merger of Telia and Sonera in December
2002, is the leading telecommunications group in the Nordic and Baltic
regions. TeliaSonera's overall focus is on best serving its customers in
its core business and creating value for shareholders through stronger
profits and cash flows. TeliaSonera is listed on the Stockholm Exchange,
the Helsinki Exchanges and Nasdaq Stock Market in the USA. Pro forma Net
sales 2002 amounted to 81 billion SEK (EUR 8.8 billion). The number of
employees was 29,000.

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