Telia and Sonofon first to offer MMS colloboration in Denmark

As the first two telecommunications companies in Denmark to do so, Telia and Sonofon have established a technical connection linking their mobile networks, enabling MMS users with the two companies to send MMS messages to each other.
Telia and Sonofon have reached agreement on the exchange of MMS messages, marking the first step towards an ideal situation where MMS messages can be sent between all telecommunications companies in Denmark. The agreement means that as of today Danish Telia MMS users can send MMS messages to Sonofon MMS users and vice versa. "For Telia, it is important to be able to offer our customers quick, easy MMS messaging between telecommunications companies with the same ease and simplicity as with ordinary SMS messages. Today customers do not have to think about which company they are sending SMS messages to, and that´s the way it ought to be with MMS messages too," says director Jesper Brøckner, Telia Mobile Denmark, emphasising that Telia´s collaboration agreement with Sonofon is an important first step towards an agreement between all telecommunications companies in Denmark. Telia´s efforts are currently directed towards establishing similar agreements with other telecommunications companies in Denmark. Danish Telia MMS users can message Sonofon MMS users for only DKK 3, while receiving MMS messages is free. See more at

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