Skanova network puts Osby in the lead in Skåne province

Skanova network puts Osby in the lead in Skåne province

Osby has become the first municipality in the southwestern Swedish
province of Skåne to sign an agreement with Skanova for the build-out of
a comprehensive broadband network in the municipality. A very high
percentage of the municipality's approximately 730 enterprises and
13,000 residents will gain access to broadband service via ADSL already
this autumn.

In the agreement with Skanova, five communities in the Municipality of
Osby will be linked together by installing a new fibre-optic network and
building out existing telecom switches to incorporate capacity for ADSL.
With the new network infrastructure, households and companies in the
municipality will be free to choose any of the 12 operators that are
utilising Skanova's ADSL network today to provide broadband service.

The network will provide substantial coverage in the municipality. After
the build-out, up to 85 percent of all households and 89 percent of all
companies will have access to broadband service with transmission speeds
ranging from 0.25 Mbit/s to 2 Mbit/s over their ordinary telephone line.

"This is a good solution that gives us a fast build-out rate in a very
large part of the municipality. We hope the network will give local
business and industry competitive advantages and make it easier for
residents to telecommute from home, instead of travelling daily to work,
for example", says Erland Nilsson, chairman of the Osby municipal
executive board.

The municipality's fibre-optic network will include the chief town of
Osby and the communities of Hökön, Lönsboda, Visseltofta and Killeberg.
The build-out will be finished by November 28, 2003 at the latest. The
agreement includes an option to extend the network to encompass the
community of Esseboda in the eastern part of the municipality.

The agreement for building a core network infrastructure in the
Municipality of Osby is the most recent of several ADSL orders that have
been placed with Skanova in Sweden. Earlier this week Norrköping,
Söderköping and Valdemarsvik signed a joint agreement for a network
covering their three municipalities.

"It is becoming increasingly clear to many Swedish municipalities and
regions that there are advantages to choosing a solution of this type
when upgrading IT infrastructure. One of the strongest arguments for
choosing Skanova as a network provider is our unique ability to reach
such a large percentage of the residents in municipalities with ADSL
technology, even people living outside principal metropolitan areas and
towns", comments Susanne Jacobsson, head of Skanova.

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