Advantageous broadband data transmission for the whole housing company

When an individual customer or housing company wants to acquire communications connections, the broadband Internet connection is the most efficient and the fastest of the available options. Sonera has expanded its product offering with the new Sonera Broadband Housing Company service that is an economical and easy solution particularly for the communications needs of row house and apartment building dwellers. The already familiar Sonera Kiinteistöliittymä, a broadband Internet connection for apartment buildings, will in future be sold to constructors and large real estate companies.
Housing companies have several ways of implementing the broadband Internet access, but the maintenance of the access and the usage support offered to the residents may in the long run prove to be challenging. Sonera Broadband Housing Company is a comprehensive service that comprises the connection of the housing company to Sonera's communications network, Internet connections, comprehensive email and Internet basic services, and versatile customer service. In addition, it offers a wide range of supplementary services. Sonera Broadband Housing Company provides a 2 Mbps fixed apartment specific Internet connection that the residents of a housing company share between themselves apartment specifically. The useful transmission rate obtained by the resident depends on the chosen transmission rate category, i.e. 256 kbps or 512 kbps, and on the number of simultaneous users. The service enables the resident to surf easily on the Internet: to use web services, to transact Internet purchases, or to play electronic games. The emails, too, are transferred quickly. Sonera Broadband Housing Company includes, according to the transmission rate category, both email addresses and home page space of the Internet. Broadband is the key for today "Fast communications connections are today an important part of housing, as households' communications needs are on the increase and getting more versatile along with the generalisation of electronic transacting and telework, among other things", tells Department Director Pasi Harkki of TeliaSonera Finland. "The broadband subscription is an advantageous and fast choice for households. In addition, the access is always open and thus easily available. The high transmission rate is seen for example in the transfer of email files, loading of images, and playing of web games", he specifies. In accordance with a survey made by Taloustutkimus (Internet Tracking, spring 2003), Sonera is the most popular provider of broadband subscriptions utilised by the households in Finland. Sonera Broadband Housing Company can include, depending on the transmission rate category, various supplementary services, part of which are included in the monthly charge of the service and part can be ordered as premium rate services. The supplementary services include e.g. F-Secure's virus protection and firewall software, the twice monthly updated Disney Blast web service that is suitable for lower-level schoolchildren, Kauppalehti Online, the Keltainen Pörssi web service, the MOT dictionary of 21 languages, and the Pikkuj@ttiläinen encyclopedia. Housing Company for consumers and Kiinteistöliittymä, a broadband Internet connection for apartment buildings, for constructors The price, transmission rate and subscription type of the broadband service can be chosen among different alternatives in accordance with the user's need and residential area. Sonera Broadband Housing Company is a consumer product meant for row house and apartment building residents' needs. The service can be ordered to housing companies that have more than 36 apartments (requires the housing company's permission to use the house MDF). The service is sold to smaller housing companies, too, in case the order is made by at least three residents of a house. The connection charge of EUR 25 and the monthly charge according to the transmission rate are collected for the service: starting from 265 kbps, EUR 41 /month and, starting from 512 kbps, EUR 49.90 /month. Sonera Broadband ADSL is the Internet connection that is directed to people living in a one-family house, small house or semi-detached house. Sonera Kiinteistöliittymä, a broadband Internet connection for apartment houses, is a corresponding business solution and targeted to constructors, major real estate companies and house manager companies. Sonera Kiinteistöliittymä comprises the connecting of the housing company to Sonera's communications network, the email and Internet connections and the customer service. Sonera Kiinteistöliittymä requires that the housing company have the Ethernet information network or the traditional telephone network available. The provision of Kiinteistöliittymä for companies' customers (residents of a housing company) requires a cooperation agreement with Sonera. At the moment, Sonera cooperates with, for example, Helsingin Opiskelija-asuntosäätiö, Lujatalo, Sato SKV, VVO, and YIT.

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