Metso selected TeliaSonera as its telecommunications services partner

TeliaSonera and Metso have concluded an agreement according to which TeliaSonera will be Metso´s main cooperation partner in delivering telecommunications and voice communications services to Metso´s companies in Finland and Sweden. The agreement is another step in Metso´s and TeliaSonera´s long-standing cooperation, and according to it, TeliaSonera will have an increasingly important role in the provision of comprehensive ICT services to the company in the future. The three-year agreement is valued at about EUR 30 million.
When Metso was selecting a main cooperation partner for telecommunications, it placed special emphasis on TeliaSonera´s ability to offer unified solutions to both Finland and Sweden, the quality and potential of Sonera´s services, and the competitive price. "We wanted to cut our expenses and ensure uniform-quality telecommunications services in both countries. When we have one main cooperation partner that offers uniform solutions, it is easier to manage the services and agreements and it will also enable uniform development and integration of new services in the future," says Ismo Platan, Metso´s Chief Information Officer. "The cooperation agreement concluded with Metso is significant to TeliaSonera: it is concrete example of how the combination of Telia and Sonera benefits our customers that operate in the Nordic countries. TeliaSonera´s offering best met Metso´s needs and requirements as regards telecommunications services. Our service development views, according to which the Nordic countries are regarded as a whole, and our ability to offer comprehensive ICT services convinced Metso that we were the best choice as their partner," believes director Esa Korvenmaa of TeliaSonera Finland. Apart from commercial cooperation, the agreement also comprises extensive development cooperation. Metso and TeliaSonera are piloting various advanced services, aiming at the realisation of Metso Future Care business concept. Metso is shifting the focus in its business from the provision of machinery and equipment to the provision of high-quality maintenance, process and lifecycle services. The ongoing joint development programmes supporting the shift include services that have been developed for machine-to-machine communications and enable remote management and control of machines, and development programmes related to the networking of customers, subcontractors and partners.

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