Skanova to build broadband network in Swedish province of Ångermanland

The greater part of the Swedish province of Ångermanland will soon gain access to broadband through a core network that will be jointly built by Skanova and the municipalities in the province. The build-out of the broadband network will begin in July 2003 and will be completely finished in 2005. The ADSL network will be finished already this autumn.
The new broadband network for the province of Ångermanland will serve 19 communities in the Municipality of Härnösand, 15 communities in the Municipality of Sollefteå and at least 17 communities in the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik. These locations will also be connected by a fibre-optic network with an Ethernet capacity of 1 Gbit/s. The majority of the communities will have the possibility to have broadband access via ADSL. In the Municipality of Härnösand, Skanova will build a local fibre-optic network in more than five locations. In Örnsköldsvik, Skanova is co-operating with Övik Energi, a power company owned by the municipality, and in Sollefteå the municipality will be responsible for the build-out of the fibre optic network in its locations. For the build-out of the broadband network in the Municipality of Kramfors, Skanova is a subcontractor to Kabel-TV, a cable television provider owned by the municipality, and to the broadband company Kramfors Mediateknik. ?With this agreement, virtually all of the residents in the province ? more than 85 percent of the households ? will gain access to broadband already this autumn. We are also using a large part of the existing infrastructure to provide broadband to households located far from densely populated areas. This will reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the municipalities. In addition, consumers and enterprises in the region are free to choose any of the 11 ADSL providers that are operating through Skanova?s network,? comments Susanne Jacobsson, head of Skanova. By selecting a core network from Skanova, the municipalities in the province of Ångermanland will have a cost-effective and fast solution for implementing important parts of their broadband strategy in the region. With the combination of a fibre network and ADSL with a choice of transmission speeds between 0.5 Mbit/s and 2.0 Mbit/s, a large percentage of households can have access to broadband in sparsely populated areas of Ångermanland. During the winter several other municipalities in Sweden with large distances between central locations and rural communities chose Skanova as their provider of broadband solutions, such as Överkalix and Kalix in Norrbotten, in the north of Sweden, Kalmar Län and Stenungsund in the southeast, and Tjörn and Orust in Bohuslän on the west coast. Last week the County of Örebro selected Skanova as its supplier of broadband solutions.

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