Skanova builds Dalarna´s first broadband network in Municipality of Vansbro

The administrative board of Dalarna County has approved the Municipality of Vansbro´s application for funds to build a broadband network. The Municipality of Vansbro has decided to contract Skanova as the provider of a municipal core network. Vansbro will thereby become the first municipality in Dalarna to have a broadband network serving the entire municipal area.
With the agreement with Skanova, most areas of the municipality are expected to be connected already by year-end 2003. - We received several tenders but Skanova was the only company that could meet our requirements for a fast build-out rate and implementation. Broadband is incredibly important, especially for the business and industrial community. If we can´t keep up with technology trends and quickly arrange connections for enterprises and households, there is a risk that many companies would leave our municipality. With Skanova´s help, we will instead be the first of all municipalities in Dalarna County to get broadband, says Gunnar Magnusson, chairman of the Vansbro municipal board. The broadband network in Vansbro will a combined fibre-optic and ADSL network. The network will be built out in Vansbro, Hulån, Dala-Järna, Nås, Uppsälje and Äppelbo. A network linking these towns will also be installed. - A growing number of municipalities in Sweden are realising the advantages of utilising existing infrastructure to enable the fast rollout of a broadband network, and it is naturally pleasing that Vansbro chose Skanova to build a network for the municipality. The agreement indicates our competitive advantages, primarily the fast build-out pace and the possibility to provide access even in sparsely populated areas of the municipality in a cost-effective manner, says Susanne Jacobsson, head of Skanova. Up to the summer of 2002 it was not possible for Swedish municipalities to apply for government assistance to build out broadband networks based on ADSL technology. Now that the regulations have been changed, all of Sweden´s municipalities can gain access to broadband through a network that is installed parallel to their existing municipal core network, which can also be used to the benefit of residents and businesses in the area. During the spring Skanova signed similar agreements with municipal authorities in Ångermanland, Östergötland, Bohuslän and Västmanland, among others.

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