TeliaSonera/Sifo survey: One of out three surfing Swedes has broadband at home

Three out of four Swedes have access to a computer in their home and seven out of ten have access to the Internet. One out of three surfing Swedes has access to broadband at home. These are the findings of Telia's "communications barometer", a survey that is conducted regularly in Sweden to measure how the Swedish people use mobile telephony, fixed telephony and Internet services.
Sifo was commissioned by Telia to interview 3,000 people in Sweden from the age of 15 and older in order to find out how they use mobile telephony, fixed telephony and Internet services. The survey was conducted in May 2003. Swedes are using more and more communication services "In 1997, slightly more than 300,000 Swedish households were using fixed telephony, mobile telephony and the Internet for their personal communications. Today, the figure is 2.8 million. The number of Swedes using at least two of these communication tools is even higher," says Indra Åsander, head of the Consumer Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden. 85 percent of all Swedes have a mobile phone The survey indicated that nine out of 10 Swedes (89 percent) have access to a mobile phone in their home, while 85 percent replied that they have personal access to a mobile handset. Those who have access to a mobile phone use it to send SMS messages (67 percent) and MMS messages (4 percent), while 18 percent use their mobile handset for downloading icons and/or ring tones. When it comes to fixed or wireline telephony, the survey indicated that wireless/cordless telephones have become firmly established in the marketplace - 68 percent of the people in the survey said they have access to a wireless/cordless phone in their home. Three out of four have access to a computer in their home Seventy-one percent of the Swedish population has access to a desktop and/or portable computer in their home and 69 percent has access to the Internet. A dial-up modem, still the most common type of connection, is used by 59 percent of the people who surf the Internet. Thirty-five percent are connected by broadband (ADSL or other solutions). In addition, 82 percent use anti-virus software to protect their computer, while only 42 percent use a firewall. Swedes prefer to use the Internet to search for information (91 percent), to send or receive e-mail (82 percent) and to do their banking business (57 percent). The survey indicated that new technology has found its way into Swedish households in a short time. For example, 35 percent of the Swedes in the survey have access to a DVD player in their home, 20 percent have access to a digital camera and 20 percent have access to a digital television set. - - - - - Facts: How Swedes use the Internet 1. Search for information (86 percent) 2. Send/receive e-mail (82) 3. Banking business (57) 4. Travel reservations and ordering tickets (47) 5. Obtain prices and product information before making purchases (46) 6. Send or receive files, such as images, text or video (38) 7. Surfing and browsing online in general (32) 8. Retrieve music, such as MP3 files (24) 9. Play games themselves, not with others, over the network (23) 10. Send SMS messages (18) - - - - - Facts: Popular technology in Swedish homes - Mobile phones (89 percent) - Computers (71) - Wireless phones (68) - DVD players (35) - Digital cameras (22) - Digital televisions (23) - PDAs (7) - - - - - - Publication restrictions: The above information can be used provided that the source "Telia's communications barometer" is given.

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